Beginning A Digital Agency with 0 Investment

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Starting a Company is all about acquiring capital. You may be overflowing with ideas upto the core, but you may not have a single penny to implement those ideas. That is exactly what happened with us, team Digily. Read more to find out our success story, and how this company came into existence.

” One can easily bring ideas into a group of people, but not many can implement it in an effective way, and that’s exactly what we did. “

It all started in Bangalore, where 3 guys found out that they had a mutual ideal about helping to move business enterprises to digital media. These 3 guys were uniquely equipped with skills, Junaid Moosa, the developer, Basil Ismail, the creative guy and ultimately, Zahran Sayeem, the guy who bought it all together.

These 3 were ready to start a full fledged Digital Marketing Agency focused to their home state, Kerala. But they knew that they had to bring up something extra ordinary, else, they would be like any other Digital Agency. So they spent a lot of time to ponder upon it and finally came up with an idea.

After a heck lot of research in the field of Digital Marketing Agencies that serve across the country, they found out that most of these agencies focused on a specific aspect, like SEO Services, website design, or Advertisements. That’s when they realised that they could start an agency with provides A-Z services to anything Digital, Websites, SEO, Ads, Creatives, Photography etc. They knew that they could leverage this tactic to attract local businesses to use their services.

That was the time when the idea of DIGILY was born, a full fledged Digital Marketing Agency, that could do everything for you, no need to hire separate people for each aspect to hike unnecessary charges and could save some bucks.



All the ideals of staring a fresh new business came into place where the most important question rose “How do we start, and how much do we invest ?” 

This very question bought a thumbs down to our faces because we knew that we were broke in all aspects, because one was unemployed, one a hosteler and another, an intern at a Digital Institute.

We knew that this idea could really work but we had nothing but poached eggs in our bank accounts, and then did the miracle happened, ” A former client who got his website done by us wanted to do SEO for him”. That was the turning point for the formation of our company, and believe it or not, he gave us an advance amount (undisclosed) in good faith. That money was awfully essential for us because we bought our domain and hosting service from it.

We gathered our resources and built up an entire website in 48 hours, and officially launched it on 20th November 2019. The key to attracting customers was that we provided Photography, Videography, Website designing, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, E-mail marketing and every other essential service so that they would not have to go to another person again, and thankfully, it worked.


If you are determined to start something, you should not let anything block your way, work your way through. Money is going to be a major part of the issue, but you need to have a strategic plan to overcome, work your way around it, because that is going to be accustomed to.

This is our story in brief about how we started the Agency with minimal amount of investment, because our line of work requires no physical place, nor we need a lot of workers.


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